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Our Soap

We have been asked, "So, what makes Black Bean Soap Works special and stand out in a sea of hand-made soaps"?  We hand make our soaps in small batches of 50 or less.  Our soap is unique because it is made with only four simple ingredients; saponified 100% extra virgin olive oil, milk, water, and therapeutic grade essential oils.  Most soaps are a mix of oils, such as palm, coconut, or other vegetable based oils.  

We stand by our motto; simple, clean, luxurious.  This is exactly what our soap is.  We believe if you put something like our soap on 99% of your body everyday, it should make you feel good.  We don’t use fragrance oils or any harsh detergents. Our soap allows for the ingredients to do what they naturally do; nourish and clean your skin without stripping it of it’s natural oils.  Olive oil has been used for centuries as a natural moisturizer, so why not use it to make a beautiful natural bar of soap?  We feel there is no reason to change something that is this good.  Our olive oil soap is an extremely mild soap and our customers have reported it to provided relief from their sensitive skin issues.