our roots

Rachelle and I started making soap in 2012 out of necessity. Our family struggled to find a gentle and natural soap for our sensitive skin. No matter what we used our skin never felt good. We were tired of searching for a soap we liked.  So, we decided to make our own.  After a few years of improving our technique and sharing with friends and family, we were encouraged to make our soap available to others. Black Bean Soap Works was established in July of 2015. We are very excited to share this simple, clean, luxurious 100% extra virgin olive oil soap made with only saponified 100% extra virgin olive oil, milk, water and pure essential oils. We hope you love, enjoy, and share our soap as much as we do.

We often are asked if the soap is made from black beans. The answer is no. However, it is made by a black bean!  So where did the name Black Bean Soap Works come from?

When Rachelle was young, her family gave her the nickname of Beans because of her fondness for her grandmothers special Navy Bean soup. On our wedding day, it was only a matter of time until a family member figured out that Beans had married Mr. Black and become Black Bean. When we started giving our soap to friends and family we needed a name to put on the labels and Black Bean Soap Works seemed to fit just right.