Amazing quality product. Scents are not overpowering after use, gentle on skin and feels so luxurious! Highly recommend!
— Sethany Griffin, Massachusetts, USA
I love this soap!!! Makes my skin happy! I can’t ever go back to store bought soap.
— Tracy Solaro, Georgia, USA
I love this soap! I started using it on my face because it was getting colder here in Indiana. My face was really dry and flakey and no matter how much lotion I put on it, my face would not get any better and would burn when I applied lotion. I started using the soap and my face was 10x better in three days! The flakiness went away and it no longer burned when I applied lotion. This stuff is the best!
— Mandalyn Hale, Indiana, USA
Love this soap. Beautifully made & perfectly scented.
— Corrie Black Knudson, Washington, USA
Ordered the shave cream that came in a cedar bowl. Fast and careful shipping. Used it this morning and it rocked. Great product!!!
— Jason Simmers, Colorado, USA
This was so soothing to my skin. I love the scents and I am happy no more chemicals can upset me. Thank you.
— Lisa Rodriguez, California, USA